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Dolly began on London's cabaret scene in March 2017 as a graduate of Michael Twaits’ “The Art of Drag” at The Royal Vauxhall Tavern,

Dolly now performs and hosts professionally in a variety of shows and events across London, the UK and internationally. 

Dolly is camp, comical, and moves at 100 miles an hour. She is one of London’s most versatile queens and her most common review is, “I’m exhausted just from watching”.

In her cabaret acts, she blends lip-sync, dance, burlesque and comedy to create her signature parody performances, and as a host, she is the life of the party, candid and blessed with the dulcet tones of a Yorkshire accent.

Dolly is a proud member of the queer cabaret collective, Haus of Royalz, hosts her own monthly Drag Brunch, instructs a biweekly Drag Aerobics class, is a resident performer at London Rascals, performs in cabaret and drag shows across the capital, has been featured on burlesque festival lineups across Europe and the UK and taken to Fringe Festival stages in Edinburgh, Scotland, and Perth, Australia.

Her favourite confection is a jelly snake, which she best enjoys with a can of Lilt.

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